Learn About The Iron Range

Minnesota's Iron Range supplied late 19th and 20th century America with the iron needed to fuel industrialization, economic expansion, and military might.
The history of the Iron Range tells the history of America; it is the story of immigrants, of conflict and assimilation, of people creating lives for themselves, their families, and for others. It is a story about industrial America and U.S. military build-ups in the first and second world wars.
And yet, the Iron Range appears as only a footnote in treatments of American histories.
Through professional development opportunities, resources for educators, and an exciting new documentary, the Minnesota Humanities Center hopes to change this and make the stories of the Range widely known and appreciated. 
Our documentary, “Iron Range: Minnesota Building America,” won an Emmy Award for Best Cultural Documentary 2009.  The documentary was produced in cooperation with tpt and Blackstone Productions.  Watch it now.
Thought to be the largest online collection of Iron Range educational resources in the world, these pages contain links to hundreds of resources including lesson plans, classroom activities, newspaper articles, recommended books, videos, and much more. Resources can supplement the documentary to use in your classroom.
The Iron Range is a great place to visit.  Learn about the history of America's Industrial frontier as you enjoy beautiful views and friendly people.  This page highlights some of the best Iron Range sites to visit. Click on the pictures to learn more about each landmark.
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