Iron Range - Resources

Welcome to the Building America:The Iron Range home page for resources. The Minnesota Humanities Center has compiled resources in several categories to help teachers introduce the Iron Range into their classrooms.


Working with Primary Source Documents/Original Source Material: Origin, Purpose, Value, Limitation (OPVL)
Using original source material in your classroom is an excellent way to teach students critical thinking and investigative techniques - no student is too young to be exposed to original source material. This document is to help you integrate more primary source documents into your classroom. You could use it with any or all of the Iron Range materials, but hopefully it will also be useful with other resources.

Teacher-Developed Activity - T-DA!
On each of the pages above you will see some lesson plans labeled as "T-DA"s. A T-DA is a teacher-developed activity. Teachers who participate in our seminars and professional development sessions are encouraged to submit classroom activities using the materials they have received. Activities developed including ideas and opinions express the teachers and do not represent the views of the Minnesota Humanities Center.

T-DA: Iron Range Web Quest. Grade 5-12
This lesson needs to be done in a computer lab. A worksheet guides students through a website where they read about various aspects of the Iron Range. Each page of the website has questions on the worksheet to help students focus on content.

T-DA: MN Iron Range Bingo Review. Grade 6-8
After completing a unit on the Iron Range or Iron Range Mining, this lesson can help students review and prepare for a unit exam. 30 terms are used with corresponding clues and facts which are given. Students must know the answers to mark off their self-created Bingo sheets.