Between Fences by Mona Smith

Each year the Minnesota Humanities Center helps local museums across Minnesota bring Smithsonian Museum programming to their sites through the Museum on Main Street program. In 2009-2010 the exhibit was Between Fences, looking at the multiple meanings behind the every day icon of the fence. To enhance the programming, the Humanities Center partnered with Allies: Media/Art to create a documentary that was presented as part of the exhibit and afforded an American Indian relationship to land, borders, and boundaries.


  • How does this video add to your knowledge about Minnesota and the people who live and have lived here?
  • Watch the video and describe different ways of seeing land and borders.
  • Consider the lands talked about in the video; do you see things in this land that you did not previously see, explain.
  • Talk to people in your community or neighborhood about land and place. How do they understand their relationship to the land?
  • How do the people speaking in the video understand their relationships to the land? Explain and use example from the video.