The Impact of the Humanities Is <br />Life-Changing and Transformational

Our Work

The Impact of the Humanities Is
Life-Changing and Transformational

Inequity abounds in who shapes the broader narrative about the identity, culture, and history of our state. The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) helps amplify stories and perspectives that bring more depth to this conversation. These stories have the power to shape student-teacher relationships, understanding of American Indian rights and history, water conservation issues, support for Veterans, and so much more.

MHC strengthens our world by promoting the humanities and supporting community decision-making in public life. We assist individuals, creators, scholars, and organizations in building a strong, inclusive, and connected society. We improve educational engagement by recognizing and appreciating the depth and richness of expression and excellence within all communities.

Minnesota Programming

For nearly 50 years, MHC has built meaningful relationships and partnered with diverse communities to create rich content that reflects myriad perspectives. MHC engages thousands of Minnesotans every year with the following programs:

  • Education continues our legacy working with educators through resources and workshops that help create more inclusive, equitable classrooms.
  • Native Nations of Minnesota explores our state’s history through an award-winning exhibit and immersive experiences that honor the narratives of Dakota and Ojibwe people.
  • Veterans’ Voices amplifies military Veteran experiences through storytelling, workshops, and awards.
  • We Are Water MN is a traveling exhibit that examines the practical, spiritual, and environmental roles of water in our lives.
  • Community Connections are public events and opportunities that explore the humanities in creative and engaging formats.


MHC administers grant funds, which are appropriated by the State of Minnesota Legislature, to support the exemplary humanities work of individuals, nonprofits, schools, and collectives across Minnesota. Over the past ten years, we have provided $650,000 for more than 100 projects through our competitive processes, helping build stronger communities across our state.

Omaha Public Schools (OPS)

MHC has had an ongoing education partnership with OPS since 2008. With the support of a generous funder, we have developed in-depth programming that increases student success by strengthening relationships among educators, parents, communities, and students. Our work in Omaha informs our overall education strategy which leads to better futures for all students, regardless of geography.

“MHC is doing something extraordinary in their leadership, programs, and grantmaking. The care and attention to absent narratives allows for breakthrough thinking related to public education, how to be a scholar, how to think with indigenous communities, and how to be an ethical grantmaker.”
– National Endowment for the Humanities