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Dream. Test. Learn. Repeat…

Posted April 26, 2019

Do you have a big idea that you would like to try out? Do you want to do something fun, funky, weird, risky, or even ‘out there?’ The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) wants to spark your creativity and your ingenuity. The Humanities Innovation Lab supports individuals and organizations that use humanities practices and subject matters to make small steps toward a big idea.

We want to fund good ideas which have the potential to grow big when it’s still early. Maybe you want to make a philosophy podcast. Maybe you’re going to share your city’s history through a mobile app. Maybe you will crowdsource new commemorative monuments for your community. Maybe you’re going to build a school that ties language learning and learning from cultural practices together. Is there a first step that you could accomplish with $2,000? What could you test?

We’re looking for three key ingredients: a big idea, a small step toward that, and a path between the two through the humanities.

MHC brings the humanities to bear through our four core values: build and strengthen relationships, recognize the power of story and the danger of absence, learn from and with multiple voices, and amplify community solutions for change. We’ve learned these values over time from our many partners, and now we hope to support you and your idea(s)through them as well!

How could these core values shape your first steps toward addressing something big?

Think about it and submit your proposal by May 23. If you have questions, please contact Jennifer Tonko at jennifer@mnhum.org or 651-772-4264.

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By: Jennifer Tonko

Jennifer Tonko is a Humanities Officer for Minnesota Humanities Center and a program lead for We Are Water MN and Why Treaties Matter.