Healing through<br />nature, camaraderie, <br />and literature

Hikes & Humanities

Healing through
nature, camaraderie,
and literature

About Hikes & Humanities

The outdoors and physical exertion are increasingly linked to an improved sense of well-being. Hikes & Humanities provides a unique opportunity for attendees to experience the healing effects of nature and camaraderie while exploring meaningful literature and mental health. Held at Twin Cities area parks, these day-long events will include reflection time, conversations about selected readings, and moderately challenging hiking.



Participants are expected to attend the entire workshop.

Participants should be prepared to hike with a backpack on, share personal stories and experiences, journal, and listen to fellow participants discuss mental health with respect and empathy, and understand that discomfort is an integral part of the learning and growing process.



Workshop participants will:

Have a positive experience hiking with other people and engaging in meaningful conversation.

Find community with others who enjoy exploring the outdoors.

Feel empowered by outdoor exploration and its effects on mental health.