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Warrior Writers Workshop

Sharing Stories
Building Communities

About the Workshop

The Warrior Writers Workshop provides a safe space for Veterans to tell their stories using prompts and discussion about a variety of military issues and experiences. This workshop encourages sharing stories, opinions, and ideas for productive writing, reflecting, storytelling, and art-making. A highlight of the workshop for many Veterans is having the space to release bottled-up thoughts and emotions alongside others who can relate. Warrior Writers is for all Veterans, regardless of era, combat, deployment or experience with the arts.



Participants are expected to attend the entire workshop.

Participants should be prepared to share personal stories and experiences, listen to fellow participants with respect and empathy, and understand that discomfort is an integral part of the learning and growing process.



Workshop participants will:

Have a positive and cathartic writing experience.

Find community with others who want to share and listen.

Feel empowered to tell their own story.