Funding Opportunities for Community-Based Programs

Grant and Funding Opportunities

Funding Opportunities for Community-Based Programs

The Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) supports the exemplary humanities work of individuals, nonprofits, schools, and collectives across the state through its competitive grants. Additionally, MHC administers grant funds appropriated by the State of Minnesota for legislatively named and competitive grants. We are a statewide organization and our grants are available to anyone in the state who meets the established criteria.

MHC’s Grantmaking Philosophy

As a granting organization, MHC operates with transparency. We say what we mean, we do what we say, we make sure there is not any hidden or secret knowledge, and we use clear, plain language. In our grants, MHC also integrates equity, inclusion, and diversity into our work. We prioritize organizations whose leadership reflects the communities they serve. We are always educating ourselves and seeking new ways to reduce barriers and de-center dominant culture in the funding process. Additionally, MHC always works to build and deepen relationships, even through our grantmaking. Although there are transactional elements to grantmaking, we believe it can be so much more rich and rewarding if MHC and grantees work together to further our goals and support each other beyond just the grant project.

  • We too apply for grants! So we like to think we understand what it is like to be on the other side and are kind and empathetic in our granting work. That does not mean we always get it right—we want you to tell us when we do not. Please tell us how we can improve.
  • We are a re-granter, which means most of the time we are passing on funds that we do not have 100% control over, including what expenses are allowable or ineligible, the granting timeframe, and more. But we promise to do our best to be clear about where we can be flexible, and where the hard lines are.
  • We are a statewide organization and our grants are available to anyone in the state who meets the established criteria.
  • We love co-creating. We look for ways to participate in the process of criteria development and outreach for our grants. We build and, if needed, dismantle systems to work for you—not the other way around.

Panelist Opportunity

MHC is seeking panelists for independent review panels for the Cultural Heritage and Community Identity grants. The panels will be comprised of people from the communities identified to benefit from these funds specifically: Asian and Pacific Island communities, the Somali diaspora and other African immigrant communities, Indigenous communities with a focus on the 11 Tribes in Minnesota, the African American community, the Latinx community, and other underrepresented cultural groups, including communities of Black, Indigenous, and people of color. Panelists should be those who understand the depth and breadth of these lived experiences and individuals working to create, celebrate, and teach the art, culture, and heritage of diverse Minnesota communities. Panelists may serve on one round or up to three funding rounds during the 2022-23 biennium. Learn more and apply to be a panelist.

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Open Grant Lines

“Why Treaties Matter” host community application

“Why Treaties Matter” communicates, in a meaningful and truthful way, the history of sovereignty and treaties between nations in Minnesota territory (later, the state of Minnesota) through a traveling exhibit and community engagement program. The “Why Treaties Matter” partners seek applications from potential host communities.

Proposals due: We have no deadline for submissions. Host communities must submit at least six weeks prior to intended hosting dates.
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Cultural Heritage Grants

During the 2021 Legislative session, the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) received funding to support competitive Cultural Heritage and Community Identity grants, funded through the state Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund. Grants will be awarded to individuals and nonprofit organizations to preserve, honor, and amplify cultural heritage in Minnesota.

Applications will be due no later than 11:59 p.m. May 31, 2022.

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Award Recipients

MHC funds a variety of humanities-based organizations and projects across Minnesota through the Legacy Arts and Cultural Heritage fund and the National Endowment for the Humanities. Basic information including the award recipient and award amount are listed under each funding opportunity, with the option to download project descriptions by year starting in 2019.

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