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“…I am strong enough to carry him. He ain’t heavy, he’s my Brother.”

On December 19, a gathering of over twenty community leaders convened at the Minnesota Humanities Center (MHC) in Saint Paul. Facilitated by Ordway President and CEO Chris Harrington, Ordway Strategic Advisor Robin Hickman-Winfield, and MHC President Kevin Lindsey, these members of the newly-formed Vision Trust engaged in conversations connected to the themes that are explored in the production of A Soldier’s Play and discussed how these themes resonate today with veterans and community members. As an intergenerational and socially diverse group, the Vision Trust will continue to provide thought leadership on a wide range of perspectives based on their lived experiences as veterans and active military, social justice activists, faith leaders, policymakers, family and community advocates, educators, creatives in arts and media, and representatives from the business and philanthropic sectors, and will ultimately serve as ambassadors for the Ordway in their respective spaces.

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“A Soldier’s Play” Resource Guide

This guide provides further context to “A Soldier’s Play” by Charles Fuller as well as Black military history.

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A Vision Trust of Black Men

In October of 2022, MHC partnered with Robin Hickman-Winfield of SoulTouch Productions and The Ordway Theater to form A Vision Trust of Black Men. Robin’s vision is a group of Black men committed to uplifting the Black community and embracing the legacies of Black Veterans. In February 2023, The Ordway will be presenting the Broadway production of A Soldier’s Play, providing an opportunity for the Vision Trust to come together to explore the issues raised in Charles Fuller’s play, encourage their communities to see a performance, and widen access for those audiences. But the Vision Trust is more than audience development, as told by two of its members, Alex Tittle and Dr. David Hamlar. Read blog posts related to the Black Vision Trust from two ambassadors to this impactful work.

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