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Examining Military Service From the Margins

Despite discrimination and frequent erasure, marginalized groups have continued to serve our country into the present. Examining Military Service From the Margins will bring together Veterans and civilians from Minnesota and beyond to examine the experiences of female, Black, American Indian, LGBT, and immigrant service members across U.S. history, and the complicated dynamics behind serving a country that does not always serve you in return.

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Casey DeMarais

Discussion Series

Veterans, active service members, and civilians are invited to contribute to the “Examining Military Service From the Margins” four-week discussion series. Facilitated by pairs of Discussion Leaders, each week in the series will use guiding questions, and a set of core-shared resources like oral histories and films, to better understand how race, class, gender, sexuality, and religion have caused the military service of some individuals to be devalued or limited in some capacity. Additional resources will be offered each week for those with extra time wanting to explore further.  

Consideration of central topics and themes, and discussion of key moments from military history, such as self-emancipation among the U.S. Colored Troops members in the Civil War, or the repeal of Don’t Ask Don’t Tell more recently, will spark greater conversations about service, democracy, citizenship, equality, and more.  

What you can expect from the series:

  • Discussion Leaders, Veterans, active service members, and civilians will share information on military service, as well as talk about their personal experiences and perspectives.
  • Each session will have a resource list of articles, books, and organizations to help you gain a deeper understanding of the issues at hand.
  • Engage in small and large group discussions.

Time and location:

This series will be hosted in both Minneapolis and Winona later this year. Schedule and registration will be coming soon; subscribe to our newsletter to receive updates.

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