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How Can We Breathe

Amplifying African American Voices

No healthy democracy can exist when so many of its people are routinely and systematically oppressed. How Can We Breathe was a community engagement initiative where we could come together to make meaning of the Minnesota we’re living in right now – the aftermath of the murder of George Floyd and the subsequent protests and uprising – all in the shadow of a global pandemic.

The Minnesota Humanities Center is proud to partner with Sweet Potato Comfort Pie® to amplify the voices of African Americans in four virtual community conversations beginning on August 27. In listening to The Mamas, Elders and Youth, Artists and Meaning-Makers, and the Policy-Makers and Community, we will examine how protests and uprising can drive systemic change and how African Americans can be honestly seen, sincerely heard, and fully empowered within our democracy. Participants will be provided with an opportunity to reflect upon the wisdom offered by the panelists as we strive to move in unison to create a more just society.

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Rose McGee

Sweet Potato Comfort Pie®, a Minnesota grassroots organization advocating for racial justice, facilitated the conversations and collaborated with individuals and organizations in several Minnesota cities during the virtual series to provide comfort pies and build community.