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From Mountains to Lakes: Hmong Educational Forum

From Mountains to LakesHmong Educational Forum In honor of Hmong American Day (May 14th) and Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, the Minnesota Humanities Center, in partnership with St. Catherine University and Concordia University’s Center for Hmong Studies, hosted this educational forum to broaden awareness and understanding of… Read More


Hmong Author Series

Hmong Author Series In the summer of 2011, the Minnesota Humanities Center interviewed selected authors from the Hmong community. In the interviews the authors discuss their writing influences and lived experiences. They also answer questions from students about their writing process and read selections from their works. Contact Us… Read More


SOAR Writing Retreat

SOAR Writing Retreat Stand Out And Roar (SOAR) was an immersive two-day self-reflection and writing retreat based on the book “Staring Down the Tiger: Stories of Hmong American Women” and the accompanying workbook “SOAR.” This retreat sought to harness the power of storytelling to help participants face disruptive narratives… Read More