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Birmingham, AL – Alabama Civil Rights Field Study

The Modern Civil Rights Movement forced the nation to re-think, re-examine, and re-structure how it dealt with issues of race, justice, and citizenship. Join Minnesota educators for an in-depth, interactive seven-day, six-night field study of the pivotal role that Alabama played in making the promises of the U.S. Constitution a greater reality for more Americans and its relevance to Minnesota today. Read More


St. Paul – Juneteenth Reckoning with Slavery: MN African American History

Co-produced by OMG Studios and the Minnesota Humanities Center, this documentary challenges our understanding of slavery, its impact on Minnesota, and how we reconcile our past by taking viewers on a present-day journey to Ghana, to the quarters of Harriet and Dred Scott, and into conversations with current and future scholars. Read More


St. Paul – Juneteenth Breakfast featuring Bakari Sellers

The 2024 Juneteenth Brunch will feature a keynote address and community conversation with Bakari Sellers on the thesis of his new book, "The Moment: Thoughts on the Race Reckoning That Wasn’t and How We All Can Move Forward Now." Sellers is a CNN political analyst and lobbyist for the government of Liberia, and a former member of the South Carolina legislature. Read More


Minneapolis – Westminster Town Hall Forum: Arc Toward Justice 2024

Wesley Lowery is the author of American Whitelash: A Changing Nation and the Cost of Progress. It tells the story of how the election of the nation’s first Black president fanned long-burning embers of white supremacy. Following the police killing of Michael Brown, Lowery launched Fatal Force — a real-time national database of people shot and killed by the police. Read More


St. Paul – African American History Tour in South Minneapolis

Join us on a captivating journey through Minneapolis’s South quadrant, making visible the aspirations of African Americans in Minnesota and historical narratives often overlooked in traditional education. Perfect for educators seeking to enrich their curriculum and empower students with diverse perspectives, this tour promises to be a transformative educational experience!… Read More


Minneapolis – Kumbayah the Juneteenth Story

Minnesota Humanities Center and Northrop are proud to bring Kumbayah the Juneteenth Story to the Twin Cities in collaboration with Sweet Potato Comfort Pie and local organizations. In 2021, Juneteenth was written into law as a national day of observance. Following, on February 3rd, 2023, Juneteenth became an official state holiday in Minnesota. Read More


St. Paul – Feeding Our Souls: The Essence of Black Joy

Minnesota Humanities Center is excited to host, "Feeding Our Souls, the Essence of Cultural Joy," food series. Join us at the Minnesota Humanities Center, where beloved local chefs and cooks will showcase dishes that speak about their cultural backgrounds. Read More


Birmingham, AL – There IS a Balm in Gilead: Healing from the Events of 1963 National Conference

This year, 2023, the City of Birmingham commemorates sixty years since the Birmingham campaign for civil and human rights. As a part of the commemorative events, The Historic Bethel Baptist Church of Birmingham, Alabama, is pleased to announce its conference on individual and community healing. The conference theme is “There IS A Balm in Gilead: Healing From The Events of 1963.” The conference will take place September 12-14, 2023 in Birmingham, Alabama. Read More