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St. Paul – Cambodian Heritage Celebration

Join us for the first Cambodian Heritage Day as we celebrate the beauty of the Cambodian Minnesota community and its complex culture. This event features an evening of performances, music, food, and history. Read More


Learning from Place: Hmong St. Paul

K-12 educators will receive 4 clock hours. Build your cultural understanding and awareness as you immerse yourself within St. Paul's vibrant Hmong community through an interactive, in-person experience. Read More


St. Paul – Armed With Language: Film Talk

In the height of WWII, Historic Ft. Snelling was home to a little-known Military Intelligence Service Language School (MISLS). Thousands of Nisei men and women (second generation Japanese Americans) were trained as linguists and translators and played a crucial role in helping the U.S. to end the war. Join producer Katie O’Rourke as she engages the film’s writer David Mura in a reflective conversation, a year on from the debut of the film. Read More


St. Paul – Becoming the Hero of Your Own Story

Theater Mu will offer insight into why it is important to see Asian American heroes represented in television, film, and on stage. Mu artists will reflect on past and current examples of Asian protagonists in mainstream media paired with live performances. Read More